Our firm was named after the ancient city of Aksum, established in the 4th century. The underlying story of this remarkable city and its leaders reflects what our firm represents and our core values: a fundamental belief in the benefits of diverse viewpoints and skill sets, a culture that fosters teamwork and enduring partnerships, integrity, forward thinking, and entrepreneurialism. These fundamental principles are at the heart of our firm’s culture and guide everything we do. At Axum, we see every investment as a partnership opportunity to transform a business into a larger, more attractive asset through additional capital infusion, effective strategic planning, and operational improvements, ultimately creating meaningful value for all stakeholders.

We are patient and long-term oriented investors with a fundamental belief in generating superior returns through operational improvements (not “just financial engineering”). Our singular focus on working with small to mid-sized business owners has enabled us to better understand and appreciate the unique challenges they face and develop strategies to help them achieve their long-term objectives. We believe sustainable long-term equity value is created through a genuine partnership, an emphasis on growth strategies driven by operational excellence and a clear sense of purpose based on shared objectives.